Artwork > Lovearch

Conceptual description:
This sculpture is like a love-poem. These two figures are each others' grounding in life. They are flung upside down by the world but they stand on each other. Without each others support they would be less strong. They stand as an arch together in this moment in time. Why nude? This sculpture is intended to be timeless. Having clothes on a figure instantly dates the figure to a certain time. These two lovers are also not of any specific race or social level. The flowing watery or wood-grain texture unites the couple with nature. There is no separation between nature and human kind. Notice that their feet are more than just touching, they are flowing into each other.

Lovearch was sculpted from home-made plasticine. Modeled from living models and my imagination. Plaster molds were taken and an exact wax copy was pulled from them. These wax pieces were packed in resin-bonded sand and then melted out and molten aluminum poured in. The aluminum is 100% recycled that I melted down personally. The sculpture was then welded back together and the patina applied. The patina is oil paint and linseed oil.

Aluminum, Steel, Oil Paint
90" x 120" x 32”